All paragraphs must meet the following minimum



I. Paragraphs must have a TOPIC SENTENCE that:


         1. states the main idea

         2. limits the scope of the paragraph

         3. relates the topic to the audience or in some way

            reflects the author's awareness of who the audience


         4. suggests the writer's purpose

         5. extablishes the writer's tone, his attitude toward

            the subject


II. Paragraphs must develop the topic sentence with body

sentences (generally subgeneralizations and details, or details)

that explain, suggest, support, illustrate, or prove the idea in

the topic sentence.


    These sentences of the body must exhibit the characteristics



         1. Unity--all of the sentences clearly relate to the

                   topic sentence and say something about it

         2. Coherence--these sentences must present information

                   in easily recognizable logical order

         3. Adequate Development--these sentences must present

                   enough information to make the idea stated in

                   the topic sentence clearly understood.


III. All paragraphs must be consistent throughout in tense and

     point of view.


IV.  Paragraphs should offer a variety of sentence types and



V.  All elements of a paragraph should work together to evoke

    mood and produce a single effect.